Reporo mobile ad network

  • Device Targeting Target specific devices that convert better to your products/services.
  • Time Targeting Select the time of the day you want your campaigns to run.
  • Geo Targeting Target users by country.
  • Day Parting Targeting campaign by day of the week.
  • Operating System Targeting OS Targeting will allow you to target specific operating systems such as IOS Android Blackberry etc.
  • Frequency Capping Limit the exposure of your campaigns to unique users.
  • Carrier Targeting Target users browsing in 3G or 4G through their mobile phone on a particular mobile operator.
  • Language Targeting Target users based on their language.
  • Site / Zone Targeting Target specific sites and placements within those sites that convert best with your product/service.
  • Re-Marketing Re-engage consumers who have viewed or interacted with an ad in the past.
  • IP Range Targeting IP ranges targeting allows advertisers to target specific IP addresses/ranges.
Over 18 Billion Impressions served over the last 30 days in all geos across the globe.